local boy makes bad

A local story made the big time, as my alma mater Eastern Michigan University blundered into the spotlight after a student was killed and the administration concealed the details. It's been covered by local papers, the New York Times, and even the Guardian did a little blurb. And of course, the fired pres went on the TV talk show circuit - I saw him while I was at the airport, chatting with Larry King, a well known CNN presenter.

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Yes, but did you pick up who his lawyer was? None other than my mom's cousin, Marian Faupel. She has a penchant for wanting to defend who she sees as the misunderstood underdog.
on Sun Aug 12 16:22:45 2007

David commented:
Are you kidding?! That's hilarious. I remember her from a while back - another high-profile case, though I don't remember the details. It would be a very interesting role to play in a case like this....
on Sun Aug 12 22:10:53 2007

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