random bonding

Last night I went to the store, seeking various this-n-thats, including toothpicks in the shape of swords. When I got to that point on my list, I turned to the stock boy standing near me and said 'I have a strange question for you'. He turned and looked at me with a somewhat fearful look on his face. I said 'do you know if you have any of those toothpicks that are shaped like swords?' He immediately responded 'aisle 14'. No pause, no hesitation. I made surprised noises about his knowledge and speed on such an odd topic, and he replied 'I saw them the other day, and thought about buying them just to play with!' Overall it was a good 'random males bonding' moment.

Heidi commented:
wow. did you get his number?
on Sat Apr 7 01:32:18 2007

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