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This is a list of news sources on the web which offer a more balanced worldview (taken together) than the U.S. media is willing to offer. I try to keep my reading balanced between conservative and liberal sources, but it's obviously difficult sometimes, and I must confess I prefer the liberal ones.

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For world news with a UK slant, I like The Guardian or The Times. A paper which does a nice job of covering world events with a slightly more American feel is the International Herald Tribune.

Since current events almost daily involves the middle east, and specifically the Israeli/Palestinian situation, I have recently started reading Ha'aretz, which offers a liberal view of Israeli news.

The first thing I do when I get a new web browser is to set the home page to
The BBC. Generally speaking it does an excellent job of covering everything everywhere. It also has an international edition which focuses more on non-UK events.

  • United Kingdom - The Guardian (liberal) or The Times (conservative).
  • Norway - Aftenposten
  • Germany - Der Spiegel is a weekly covering German news. More liberal than anything US based, centre-left perhaps. In German.
  • Portugal - The News
  • Turkey (yes, I know - I put it in Asia too!) - Turkish Daily News
  • Russia (Asia? Europe? Other?) - Moscow News and Vladivostok News
  • Asia:
    For general news about the region, the
    Asian Times seems to have good general coverage. The Wall Street Journal has an Asia branch, but their coverage seems as bad as the American edition. Quoting the Asian Times: "Really, you wonder why they bother putting "Asian" in the title of the paper at all. The ugly American is alive and well: a preachy know-all, lecturing the lesser breeds for their failings - and as ever, doing his country's interests in Asia no good at all."
    Country specific news can be found:

  • Japan - The Japan Times and The Daily Yomiuri as well as Asahi Shinbun
  • India - The India Times
  • Pakistan (I put it in the Middle East as well!) - The News International and Dawn.
  • Viet Nam - Viet Nam News
  • Russia (Asia? Europe? Other?) - Moscow News and Vladivostok News
  • Middle East:
    Obviously, I haven't found a well balanced source of information about the Middle East.
    Ha'aretz does a fairly good job of reporting Isreali news without being rabid, but, in the end, they can't go too far. Al Jazeera is well known to contain a different spin on events, but is currently only available in Arabic (although reports indicate an English site will start soon!). In general, read two or three reports of anything. The truth may be out there, but finding it takes work...

  • Israel - Ha'aretz (liberal).
  • Palestine (no, not really, but definitely Palestinian propaganda) -
  • Egypt - Al Ahram Weekly - My friend in Egypt recommended this one.
  • Saudi Arabia - Arab News
  • UAE - Gulf News
  • Dubai - Khaleej Times
  • Bahrain - Gulf Daily News
  • Turkey (yes, I know - I put it in Europe too!) - Turkish Daily News
  • Pakistan (I put it in Asia as well!) - The News International and Dawn.
  • North America:
    Lots and lots of English newspapers to choose from. I don't really think any of them do an amazing job, but that's because I'm from the region. Central America gets short shrift here.

  • Canada - Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. You can also read The Sun, but don't tell anyone!
  • United States - The International Herald Tribune
  • Mexico -
  • Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic News
  • South America

  • Chile - The Santiago Times seems to be part news, part advertisement.
  • Lots more to come. Back to the front.

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