I did not mean to have a food section to my website, however, over time I have built up content which is connected by the theme 'food', and as such it needed a place to live. Please find below guides that I have written to wines and restaurants around the world, as well as a copy of an amazing cookbook a friend wrote, which needed a place to live on the internet.

For a while I was keeping a wine guide and a restaurant guide, while we lived in Paris, but as it turns out that takes a lot of energy to keep up, and after a decade many of the places have most likely closed. So I pulled them down. I reserve the right at some future date to put them back up!

We lived in Paris for a while, and I created a guide to the best hot chocolate in Paris.

I don't have a coffee section yet, although I am a giant coffee nerd. I have, however, written up a page on question does coffee cause dehydration?.

We occasionally write down our own family recipes, and we also have recommended recipes - these are things found online (often at Epicurious) that we have personally tried and recommend.

And finally, the family cookbook, written by Nancy A. Pfau, which includes main courses, desserts, lots of vegetarian options, and in general just amazing, amazing food.