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I remember once having a conversation with a friend, and I hadn't thought about it when the question was asked, what his views on the subject might be. So I responded honestly - I think those against gay marriage will pass out of society, and in time we'll view it as we do sexism, or racism. It was an awkward moment, as it turned out he did not think that way. At all. But it was brief, because, as all people should, we didn't focus on what made us different. We talked it thru, agreed to disagree, and moved on.

I continue to believe this is the case, that someday people will wonder what the fuss was about. We moved one step closer today, as Argentina legalized gay marriage, becoming the first Latin American country to do so. Given the poll numbers (70% in favor) I would be surprised if this doesn't stick, and I expect this will bolster movements in other Latin American countries to also press their claims.

Closer to home, now that I live in a more conservative part of the country, it's easier to gauge how far there is to go, to swing public opinion of the more conservative elements around to supporting the movement. But I see progress.

It's funny - being that I see social mores as cyclical, victory seems as inevitable to me in the short term as an eventual movement back towards conservatism seems to me in the long term (centuries). If there is an underlying trend toward a more progressive view of human rights, I think it takes a very long time indeed to come all the way around to the point where the pendulum will not swing back. But this is the way we are, and the big picture is far less important right now to, for example, gay couples in Argentina, than is the fact that they can finally marry the person they love.

Nikki commented:

Very well said. We won't get there if we don't talk about it as you did, either. BTW, I'm headed to MI for my brothers wedding, which will be in Canada--where it is legal.

on Thu Jul 15 22:39:57 2010

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