A funny thing happened a few days ago. Apparently Google Images (UK) changed their formula, and now a search for 'Paris pictures' returns my France section on the first page. I discovered this when I noticed my traffic had shot up better than tenfold (and when I started getting bills from my hosting service). So I've put some google ads on the front page, and we'll see if it pays for the traffic - so far today it looks like 1000 people have been to the page.

Jason in Egypt commented:
Are you still getting the high traffic? I tried doing this search and it didn't bring up your site on the first page. Did they change their methods again? Or did people quickly change their META data and such to pop up ahead of your site?
on Sun Sep 10 22:46:08 2006

David commented:
That should have read 'france pictures', and yeah - it's still hitting. I'm averaging five dollars per day, which is kind of nuts - I can't decide if it will last. If it does, I'm never changing my web page, because it's a scad of cash for doing nothing. But I understand they change regularly, so we'll see how long the good times roll....
on Mon Sep 11 03:22:13 2006

Jason in Egypt commented:
Thanks for the clarification and congratulations on your good luck!
on Mon Sep 11 07:09:44 2006

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