Well, we made it safely back from Bermuda. We seem to have gotten married while we were there. We also did a lot of snorkeling. Photos will be forthcoming.

Shelby commented:
Congratulations!!! I'm always up for some good snorkeling pictures ;).
on Mon Sep 25 09:15:33 2006

Anonymous commented:
Congratulations e parabems!!! After three years of snorkeling, I still maintain it is the best thing I've ever done in my life. Oh wait, I meant being married. --Sarah (fellow eloper)
on Mon Sep 25 12:58:29 2006

Anonymous commented:
Congratulations. Glad to hear you had a good time. -Andrew
on Mon Sep 25 14:11:25 2006

Anonymous commented:
yay for you - now you get a tax credit - or something like that. Congrats. Send snaps. Coburn
on Mon Sep 25 16:32:26 2006

Nikki commented:
on Mon Sep 25 18:25:06 2006

Anonymous commented:
congratulations! Could it be that of the original TOADS, Spencer is the last one to remain single? That twists the brain a bit...but not that much. *boot to the head* -ryaN
on Mon Sep 25 19:17:38 2006

Derek (Erb) commented:
Congratulations! Mazel Tov! Félicitations ! Celebrations for both of you going on here in France... Enjoy every day of your lives together. Secret: Never go to bed angry.
on Mon Sep 25 19:46:07 2006

Erik commented:
おけっこん おめでとう! (I hope I did it right...)
on Tue Sep 26 11:57:58 2006

Anonymous commented:
Congrats to the both of you!!!!! M. Kobylarz
on Tue Sep 26 17:13:52 2006

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