Previous Entries in the Life of Dave


January 2008
Travel and techiness. London and D.C.

February 2008
My world changes as we learn we're moving to Arkansas.

March 2008
Planning a move, and foreshadowing the economic calamity to come.

April 2008
Zoo visits and CNN t-shirts. Also the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

May 2008
Flight of the Conchords live! Also, buying a house.

June 2008
Rock Band, Barack Obama, and we actually buy a house, for real.

July 2008
Packing up our life and moving to Arkansas.

August 2008
Learning to live in a new place, a new house, a new life. And the latest (2008) election news.

September 2008
In which the global economy comes crashing down, and I have squirrel babies in my attic.

October 2008
In which the world continues to melt down, Joe the Plumber surfaces, and a shooting takes place on UCA's campus.

November 2008
Historic elections and Piracy, along with continuing coverage of the world economy death spiral.

December 2008
I get a job, and President Bush gets a shoe thrown at him. Also: the Economy.

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