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Brexit, over and over again

This morning I taught the first session of my annual 'contemporary issues in business and entrepreneurship' class, which is a really long way of saying 'Business 101'. Introductions, syllabus, that sort of thing. But the most exciting thing in the history of business was happening today, and I really couldn't say a thing. Why? Because it's the Brexit vote. The one that either (a) will decide the fate of business in the UK, Europe, and maybe elsewhere for a generation, or (b) won't matter because they'll find some way around it all. Or perhaps (c) won't matter because Brexit won't happen.

It's crazy to me that something this important is being run like a carnival sideshow. I've been constantly befuddled by the way the UK has seemingly from day one confused itself with a much larger country that could dictate to the EU.

And I'd have loved to tell the students about the vote today, but frankly it takes much more than a single class period to explain what the heck is going on anymore. And it's truly a shame that it's all so complex, because it seems to mean that very few of the many people who will be affected actually have even a partial understanding of the issues.

While I was writing this, the vote went against the Prime Minister, quite dramatically, and a motion of no confidence was put forward, so the PM might even be changed before Brexit goes through. It's all madness.