Well, with the exclusion of my messy personal life, and a trip to Korea, things have been quiet here in Japan. The weather in Kyushu is cold, with occasional bouts of snow. I managed to be fairly sick for a week or so after our return from Korea, but other than a few nasty thoughts on my part that I should renew for another year, I think I'm all better.

Actually, as an addendum to that, I have renewed my contract, so I'll be here in the lovely prefecture of Saga for at least another 15 months or so. It's possible I'm crazy....

Photos from Kodenji temple in Saga city, Saga prefecture, Japan.

Photos from our JET program conference

Really, really random photos.

A random commentary I wrote on our truly interesting lives in Japan

Personal faves from Korea:
Close up of a maple leaf
Close up of vine
A flag that shouldn't be on a Japanese ship!
Us in a restaurant
Rather strange disco mascot
Street statue

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