If it's September 19th...

32! Another year gone by, and what do I have to show for it? A cool pirate hat, for one. Have a great TLAP day, you scurvy dogs!

Tammy Jo commented:
Happy Birthday to you! Arrg!
on Wed Sep 19 10:59:28 2007

Anonymous commented:
Shiver me timbers! An' here I was just thinkin' about wishin' ye a happy birthday!
- Mara
on Wed Sep 19 14:28:32 2007

Nikki commented:
May the FSM bring you presents and such. Happy Birrrrrrthday!
on Wed Sep 19 22:09:00 2007

holly commented:
Damn, and I was going to send you a parrot to tie onto the caaaaar. (although then Sasha would have had to escalate hostilities....) Hapy Birthday!
on Thu Sep 20 13:46:44 2007

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