someday when I'm rich and famous

To get Rock Band up and running, we would have to spend a lot of cash:

  • Cost of a 32" LCD TV: $500
  • Cost of a Playstation 3: $400
  • Cost of Rock Band/Guitar Hero: $190
Which is to say, mostly, that I can't believe anyone buys a PS3, ever. Holy cow. But even an XBox or Wii will still break the bank. I'm going to need a better job (than sitting at home speculating about the cost of video games).
Andrew commented:

Have you considered craigslist as an option.  Buying used dramatically decreases the cost of purchases.  I don't know about your area, but out here *takes a quick look online* I can get a 32 inch lcd tv for 350, a Xbox 360 for 150, and I recently purchased rockband (with all accessories) for 100. 

Just a thought if you're being budget conscious.

on Wed Sep 10 10:36:41 2008

David commented:

See, you seem to be under the impression that folks use craigslist down here.

To be fair, they do, a little, but there just aren't that many people. I haven't checked Memphis yet, though I suppose I could try there as well.

on Thu Sep 11 18:08:56 2008

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