My new macro lens arrived today (hooray!) and I immediately headed outside to our tastiest (to insects) bush to see what sort of pics it would take. It looks like the Canon has a little larger magnification on the close-ups, which is nice - I'm not sure how much bigger I would want to make these guys - being able to see the hairs on a bee is a little weird, honestly.

In other camera news, my old camera did sell, but the person may or may not actually pay - they've been in contact about not having the cash, so we'll see what happens. Either way ebay took their (massive) cut, so I'll just try to get out of this as painlessly as I can.

Nikki commented:
I'm officially jealous. And quite relieved that you found a bee, rather than the last subject matter :)
on Wed Oct 8 18:37:12 2008

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