Well, the UPS man loved me today! I now have a halloween costume, as well as a lovely wine rack.

I think it was Shelby who warned me not to let my wine collection get the best of me, but I fear I may not have heeded her advice as well as I should have. We now have storage for 142 bottles of wine. Which means theoretically we could stop buying wine as soon as we are full up and not run out of wine for a year, possibly longer (we average a little less than half bottle a day). But, all that said, it sure is nice to have a place to put our wine!

More accurately, I should note that we will have a place for all our wine, as soon as we finish assembling it. We bought a rack from Wine Racks America, which came with a whole lot of assembly required. The little power drill hasn't been charged in two years, but after finishing one side semi-manually (we used the drill until it died, did some by hand, back to the drill, back to manual assembly, etc.), we decided the other side would wait for the drill to charge. The upside of this is that, unlike our previous wine rack, this one will not collapse in a heap after one of the cheap plastic footsies breaks.

Nikki commented:
I know you say it is a UK server thing, but I think that is just some kind of conspiracy explaination developed to trick the easily confused blonde girls reading your blog. But I'm kinda liking knowing that tomorrow the UPS delivery individual will bring you a wine rack and costume (which I'm really wanting to see, BTW). Now, can you tell me--did I get a new job tomorrow?
on Wed Oct 19 01:31:42 2005

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