Busy, busy week, both in work and out. Sasha and I are having a picnic with my family this weekend, so we're planning for that, and in addition I have my usual Monday and Wednesday classes. I think we've been social (either having people over or going out to see people) for almost a week straight, which is a record for us. I've also made arrangements for our weekend in Chicago, where we will meet a friend of mine who is flying in from Denmark. Actually, I have a photo which shows both the people I will see this weekend, taken on my 2001 trip to Denmark. I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing what my friend's friend is up to as well, as she seems to have a clothing business in Chicago, which looks neat.

But, given that it's only Wednesday morning, I guess I'd better focus on making it through the week, rather than thinking about the weekend. I did do one bit of planning for the weekend ahead of time, though - I acquired a zoom lens for my new camera so I could take it along and see how it does on an urban weekend. By the way, if you follow the link to the zoom lens, let me know if you have a theory about the fellating monkey....

Jason in Egypt commented:
Is that a zoom lens, or are you just happy to see me? *laugh* Sorry...I couldn't resist! I Googled about the monkey, but couldn't find any connection with Tamron lenses. Maybe that will just have to stay a mystery, or perhaps you could write and ask them?
on Thu Oct 12 01:07:47 2006

David commented:
But what would I say? 'Hi - I just bought your 70-300 lens, and noticed on the webpage for the lens that you have a giant picture of a monkey. Could you tell me exactly what the monkey was doing when you took the picture?' I bet they would find that sort of question odd, and I suspect they wouldn't answer it....
on Thu Oct 12 04:57:04 2006

Jason in Egypt commented:
Well, you cold try a message like that! Why not try? You lose a few minutes of your time and then maybe they answer? Alternately, you could begin your message in the same way, but after "I noticed you have a monkey", continue with "Why a monkey? Which lens was used to take the picture? I think many people would be interested in this information, so perhaps you could add a link on the website, or even put the information so that when you put your mouse over the picture, it tells you." Or something like that...
on Thu Oct 12 11:15:17 2006

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