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The BBC is reporting that a 14-year-old went on a school shooting spree in Cleveland, Ohio today. That's about three hours from here on the highway. The article also noted it's been just six months since the Virginia Tech shootings, although it felt longer. I had been wondering as I read the article just how often we have to have a school shooting before something is done. We'll soon see if 'more often than once every six months' is the correct response.

Anonymous commented:
What is the "something is done" you expect (hope?) to happen?

- Mara
on Wed Oct 10 22:18:27 2007

David commented:
That's a great question, isn't it? I'm pretty sure what I would like to see is a total ban on all semi-automatic weapons - handguns, rifles, the lot. A single shot weapon with a lengthy reload/refresh time would at least make mass killings more difficult. I think I could get behind a total weapons ban, but I'm of mixed emotions on that - I know too many hunters and sport shooters.
on Thu Oct 11 10:08:42 2007

holly commented:
Not to bring you all down, but I was watching CNN in the gym this morning, and the solution they came up with seems to be arming teachers. Now, I am a little torn about this. On one hand, I am really anti-gun. On the other hand, there are several little buggers who wouldn't be such little buggers if they knew that their teacher had a gun. AND most of the teachers I know have really itchy trigger fingers. Wait... this could be really fun. I wonder if they would give ME a gun. I have a hit list, I'm checking it twice... Isn't responding to violence with violence fun!
on Thu Oct 11 16:34:11 2007

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