OK. Just for Nikki, I've fixed the time issue. Now the time in Michigan drives the day, rather than the time in the UK (where my server is located). She may rejoice, if she so chooses. The rest of you, carry on. Oh - and if the whole thing crashes, and the server goes down for a week, let me know.

Nikki commented:
Happy blonde girl!! Though, if the whole thing crashes, let me just say, NOT my fault :) Still, thanks, even though you will not come and kidnap me from work dressed as a pirate, at least I won't be confused on what day it is--at least not while reading your blog.
on Thu Nov 10 02:14:43 2005

David commented:
If I'd bought the plastic sword, I'd be there in a minute. But the jail time scares me!
on Thu Nov 10 04:16:15 2005

David commented:
Hm. Looks like I may have broken the comments - we'll see if it was a one-off error, or if they are in fact broken. Well, at least it didn't take the website down!
on Fri Nov 11 15:43:39 2005

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