it's the second week of deer camp

Autoblog reminds us that it is Deer Season in Michigan. Actually bow hunting season has been going for some time now, but the guns will soon be coming out, and we can look forward to lots of venison consumption in the coming months. Given the economic situation in Michigan these days, hunting your food seems like a good idea.

Nikki commented:
Given that my mom can't hunt this year... I doubt there will be any venison eating a going on in there. But as you contemplate the guns coming out, I want you to think about my father, with a loaded gun, in the woods, and let me know if that doesn't scare the crap out of ya!!
on Thu Nov 8 17:25:26 2007

David commented:
I think I just wet myself.
on Fri Nov 9 10:24:17 2007

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