Well, after two system re-installs and some other stuff, I finally deleted all my old registry entries from all the other times I had re-installed windows, and now my computer can almost do moving pictures (movies, tv shows) again. Sick and wrong, that even a new installation of the operating system can't kill configuration problems these days. Oh well - the computer seems to be humming along. Sadly, it looks like Stargate is on hiatus right now (those silly 10-week-long seasons with a two month break between) so there's nothing really to watch. Guess I'll have to fill out my grad school application instead....

Erik commented:
Yes, we are lacking the two Stargates, but there's always Enterprise. We've had four episodes so far and they are showing promise for a good season.
on Wed Nov 3 23:58:48 2004

David commented:
I'm not sure I believe you when you say Enterprise has been good. I actually stopped watching three-quarters of the way through last season. It just wasn't holding my attention. Perhaps now that things are mostly back to normal computer wise I will have the time and energy to go back and watch them. Stargate, on the other hand, we have been watching quite avidly....
on Thu Nov 4 15:37:42 2004

Erik commented:
The Xindi storyline wrapped up at the end of last season. The first two episodes of this season ended the Temporal Cold War. Now we're in an arc with guest star Brent Spiner. It's a good time to come back. This year is supposed to have fewer marathons and more establishment of Trek "history."
on Fri Nov 5 11:43:07 2004

David commented:
You tempt me, sir - I may have to take a look... I suppose I should really watch the end of season three as well. Is that right? Has there really been three seasons already, and the show still (well, up to the part I watched) hadn't found its footing? Wow! In truth, I liked the early shows more than I liked the Xindi arc. But I guess other people (whoever they are) didn't. What can you do?
on Tue Nov 9 21:23:24 2004

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