I see that Heidi did something to break my blog, as she was the last person to make a comment, and it all went haywire. Which reminds me - an open challenge - a thrown-down gauntlet if you will - while driving through Depew, New York, which is just on the outskirts of Buffalo, we passed the most magnificent restaurant ever. It called itself an 'Italian Garden', presumably because of the statuary to be found all over, and it was truly a sight we will hold with us forever. Shortly thereafter we passed another place, decorated in a similar style, and I thought perhaps this was something Buffaloans did; however, while searching for the website I discovered both places are owned by the same magnificent people.

So where, you may be asking yourself, is the gauntlet? Well, as it happens, I know that Heidi heads over to the fine city of Buffalo on a semi-regular basis, and I believe she might be able to find the words to describe this magnificent palace of fine dining. I therefore challenge her to eat at Salvatore's, and write us all a wonderful review here, on this class act I call a blog. Photos, I think, will score bonus points.

Heidi commented:
On the off chance that I, ah.... "break your blog" again (if only you could have heard me cracking up at this post) I'll keep it short: I'll conditionally accept your challenge. I'll be in Buffalo with my quasi-boyfriend (ah, the stories I have to tell you) for two weeks in January, and perhaps I can be convinced to drag him to some random location filled with statuary. However, I propose that if I'm supplying you with blog content, you ought to take equally humiliating pictures of yourself at a new and different cheesy restaurant along your travels as a counterpoint to my offering. I eagerly await your response.
on Thu Nov 30 13:54:53 2006

Heidi commented:
Also, after looking at these places, I realize that I've actually seen one before, and might require a bribe as well to go there. Start thinking.
on Thu Nov 30 13:57:04 2006

David commented:
This sounds like a do-able thing. In fact, I may already have at least one photo of myself in a cheesy bed and breakfast, as our last trip out to New York involved staying in the Elvis-themed room of a bed and breakfast. I just need to find the pictures....
on Thu Nov 30 15:11:18 2006

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