Some of you may have heard that John Updike has a new novel out. The title is Terrorist, and as soon as I heard the name I knew I would need to read it. The New York Times recently did an interview with the author, which made me even more certain I was going to need to read this book. They quote the author as follows:

I think I felt I could understand the animosity and hatred which an Islamic believer would have for our system. Nobody's trying to see it from that point of view. I guess I have stuck my neck out here in a number of ways, but that's what writers are for, maybe.
Which seems to me to be an excellent summary of exactly what writers are for. It may be uncomfortable (in fact, I'll be amazed if it isn't), but it sounds like something that somebody needed to say.

Blatant merchandising alert! If you feel like this book is something you'd like to read, you can buy the novel at Amazon (it comes out the sixth of June, and they're having a pretty good sale right now), and I'll get a cut of the proceeds. I just found out I have to earn ten bucks from Amazon before I get paid, and I'm only at one dollar seventy-five, so I guess I have to do a bit more shilling before I get my check!

Nikki commented:
Well, aside from your adverting (and are you getting any work done today?), John Updike is one of my favorites, and I, too am looking forward to reading this latest. Ahh, that no one reads anymore--I mean really, do people understand what they are missing by waiting for the movie? But writers, while they should be dangerous, often play it safe for the sake of garnering a readership... those like Updike, and others, are lucky to be able to write with the freedom that they have--they've earned a reputation whereas other, younger writers are veered off that course. Tragic.
on Thu Jun 1 00:57:18 2006

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