wacky weather

The state where I live, Michigan, had some messed up weather the last 36 hours. It was apparently 85 degrees (29C) on Monday, and then the temperature just fell, straight down to somewhere around freezing - the thermometer when I woke this morning said 35 (a bit under 2C). I tried to cover the lettuce a bit, but it's hard to say if that will help.

Anonymous commented:
it was actually 92 in detroit. good ol' crazy michigan weather. i'm sure you'll miss it.
on Wed May 28 23:00:36 2008

sasha commented:
Given where we're headed (tornadoes, 100+ degrees all summer, giant thunderstorms, golf-ball-sized hail, and did I mention the tornadoes?), I think we probably will miss Michigan weather...
on Thu May 29 13:20:22 2008

David commented:
I heard there were a lot of tornadoes in Arkansas.
on Thu May 29 14:35:49 2008

Anonymous commented:

make sure you have windstorm coverage on your home owners policy -- do you have a storm celler?


sarah c 

on Thu May 29 16:10:29 2008

Anonymous commented:

Its funny how quickly one can become a wuss after leaving fickle MI. Ive been quietly grumbling that its been in the 40s and 50's here and even got a cold. We've had fluctuations here of nearly 90 to 50's. 



on Fri May 30 10:00:55 2008

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