Andrew commented:
Yup, I've lost over 500$ to the government FSA plans. My first year of employement, I put 300 aside and then didn't know how to access it. The second year, I put the same amoutn aside, and managed to use about 200$ of it. I would have gotten more, but they wouldn't accept some of my claims. Lost about another 100 that was in my account when I quit and moved to DC, and another 50-100 when i quit and started a new job out here. One of the cool things, is that over the counter meds and equipment can be bought with those funds, so I stockpile cold and pain meds, and get other neet medical toys at the end of the year with my leftovers.
on Wed May 16 15:52:01 2007

David commented:
To be honest, I thought I was wrong about that. I was sure someone was going to say 'no, you idiot! It rolls over'. Man, does that ever suck. While I think that being able to buy drugs OTC is a good thing, I'm frankly horrified that that is what the Republicans called 'helping people afford health care'.
on Wed May 16 16:01:30 2007

Shelby commented:
Appalling. Yes. You do lose it. And there's a limit--a couple of years ago it was $2,000. Well let me just tell you, when you're first diagnosed with a very extensive heart condition, those 2 grand don't go very far. On the other hand, Andrew is right in that OTCs and other stuff are included. People complained a lot about the policy so they added stuff. You can get reimbursed for the gas and mileage it took you to get to the doctor and pharmacy, for example. Provided, of course, that you're willing to keep immaculate records and pay out of pocket first.
on Wed May 16 18:59:37 2007

Andrew commented:
Another thing. Some places (like my current and past job out here in DC) provide FSA debit cards. They still frequently require documentation after the fact, but that way you don't have to do the cash outlay up front. Another weird thing, and one that can be taken advantage of, you start off the year with your full FSA amount available. That means that if you jump ship mid-way through the year, and have already used all your FSA, the company is out whatever you didn't contribute. This may be employer dependent however.
on Thu May 17 09:22:32 2007

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