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Hm. I talked at a city council meeting last night which was looking for ways to spend a half million dollars of government money, intended to, basically, do nice green things while stimulating the economy. The definitions of 'green' and 'stimulate the economy' were a bit quirky/murky, but as with all things so far it seems like the basic idea at the federal level is to say 'here's a bucket of money - spend it as quickly as you can'. The story in the LCD seems a bit more optimistic about the chances the money will be spent on sidewalks than I am, but we'll see.

Jason commented:

So what did you say?  We're having our own little battle in Manchester - city gov't wants to slash funding to the bus system.  Time for me to put up or shut up b/c by being outspoken, I somehow volunteered to help the Transit Authority with marketing... *grin*

on Thu May 14 11:45:07 2009

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