I had to buy another gig of bandwidth - I'm up to 4,500 'visitors' per day. I can't decide if it's because google et al. have decided I'm a good guy, or because of the weblog over at xanga.com (in which case I might have to remove the offending picture(s), as bandwidth is not totally cheap). Either way, lots and lots of downloading of stuff going on!

Shelby commented:
That is incredible! I think I get about 10 readers a day :D.
on Thu Mar 17 04:40:51 2005

David commented:
Oh - let's not confuse 'visitors' with 'readers' - I think there's not more than a dozen people or so reading this, for example. But with all the photos on the site, whenever anybody does an image search, my page comes up. But I also think there's something dubious going on, mostly because I can't believe traffic has increased 4 times over in the past few months. I'll keep plugging away...
on Thu Mar 17 06:49:51 2005

Erik commented:
Could it help to mark your photo pages so that they're _not_ searchable by search engines?
on Fri Mar 18 01:46:47 2005

David commented:
Well, it would, but that would defeat the purpose of having all the photos online, n'est-ce pas?
on Fri Mar 18 07:02:54 2005

Erik commented:
My bad... I didn't realize that was your intent. I thought you simply wanted them up here for browsing, not for searching.
on Fri Mar 18 21:19:57 2005

David commented:
Well, yes, but if people can't search them they can't find them, most likely. And it's interesting to see what pictures people like to look at - informative. And up until now it hasn't been that onerous. We'll see if it continues....
on Sat Mar 19 21:57:30 2005

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