Mina's food bowl

If you would like to help check up on our kitten while we are away, you can visit the Mina food bowl webcam.

Heidi commented:
as I have a vested interest in this, I must ask: does it work, actually, when the lights are on? Because right now, I can't see anything but blobs of dark where the food and water are....
on Wed Mar 14 18:39:04 2007

Nikki commented:
Yeah, I can't see anything either... and I want to now that I know it is a possibility. Though, I don't want my kitties to see this, they would be seriously jealous.
on Wed Mar 14 20:08:23 2007

sasha commented:
Yes, in fact, it does work when the lights are on. So, ummm, Heidi, don't feed the cat naked....
on Wed Mar 14 22:26:03 2007

Jason in Egypt commented:
So, what time zone is the time tag for the cam and how often does it refresh?
on Sun Mar 18 17:47:00 2007

David commented:
The webcam should be in the Eastern Time Yone (darn german kezboard!). There's a live feed at this addy and the one on the website updates hourly.
on Mon Mar 19 03:50:15 2007

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