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So here's the story:

[Nabil] Fawzi was the first customer at the Comerica Bank [...] Monday when police say would-be bank robber Joseph Webster, 53, of Ypsilanti walked in.

Webster allegedly handed a teller a note demanding money and claiming to have bomb strapped to his chest.

Fawzi [...] noticed his own teller was acting strangely. When he asked what was wrong and she indicated a robbery was under way, Fawzi took action.


Within seconds, Fawzi drew his handgun, racked a round in the chamber and told the man that he wasn't robbing the bank.

"But I have a bomb," the robber told Fawzi.

"I don't care," Fawzi replied. "You are not robbing this bank today."

In the land of 'what could possibly go wrong?' this story has a special place in my heart.
Jason commented:
No mention of anything from the last 1/3 of the article? "Canton Police Detective Sgt. Rick Pomorski credited the customer for his quick actions - but noted that police prefer citizens to serve as witnesses instead of taking matters into their own hands in dangerous situations." and more... (including a quote from the police, where Fawzi is from, how he was trained, and the way he's going to celebrate)
on Thu Jun 19 09:38:46 2008

David commented:
My colleague was quite taken with the planned 'hot dogs and cheap gas' party.
on Thu Jun 19 10:07:36 2008

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