You know what I like? AA batteries. I like them. I like devices that are powered by them. You know what I don't like? Proprietary batteries that cost $60 each. It's why I own a Pentax Digital SLR camera - it runs on 4 AA batteries. Now, I wouldn't mind if someone came up with a new battery, that everyone everywhere sold, and everyone used. But I really mean 'everywhere' when I say 'everywhere', and until that day comes I will defend the AA battery to all who will listen. Like all of you. Suckers! ;-)

holly commented:

ROCK ON to the AA!

I am totally there with you, and love my little pentax with it's "go to the 7-11 to get the batteries" camera.  

on Wed Jun 11 17:23:54 2008

Jason commented:
Admit it -- you only like AA batteries because of where you live. As soon as you move, you'll start singing the praises of "Conway" batteries. *laugh* (and of course, the best type of AA batteries are the rechargeable type!)
on Thu Jun 12 08:46:18 2008

sasha commented:
Ouch, Jason.  Your "humor" is killing me.
on Thu Jun 12 10:48:26 2008

Derek (Erb) commented:
I too love AA batteries... and even AAA batteries...

I have about 30 of these:

And for chargers I love those with a mini-USB end rather than a proprietary end!

on Thu Jun 12 11:37:16 2008

David commented:

Wow - those are pretty cool. I can see where, if you carry a laptop, those would be great. But travelling (on holiday) with a laptop is just a bit too much for me.

Hmmm. Unless the laptop is powered by AA batteries....

on Thu Jun 12 13:06:28 2008

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