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Sasha and I were commenting that it would be nice to have a copy of the opera we saw over the weekend, so I went hunting for it on the interwebs. I discovered several random things that made me happy. First was the Mutopia project, which is working to make public domain sheet music available to everyone. The second was the Philadelphia Orchestra's online music store, which sells their music in FLAC format, and which recently performed all the Beethoven symphonies, which you can buy as a set on their website.

Nikki commented:
You know another great way to hear the Phila Orchestra is to come visit Philadelphia... and there hasn't even been a tourist related shooting in a while!
on Wed Jul 9 21:08:03 2008

David commented:
Have you considered working for the Philly tourist board?
on Wed Jul 9 22:50:26 2008

Nikki commented:
Not since the new mayor decided they should test the tour guides now... and, while we are not shooting tourists these days, we are apparently plowing into them with cars (
on Fri Jul 11 19:41:42 2008

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