United breaks guitars

Spot the unhappy passenger in this music video, written about a (now deceased) guitar that flew on United Airlines. For bonus points, explain the sombreros.

holly commented:

OK, I think all complaints should be sung, it is really cool. I really just think the sombreros make the whole thing. Sounds like a vigilante song. Get a rope:)

on Wed Jul 8 10:22:07 2009

David Hibbard commented:

Those United workers are obviously former Gibson workers that never made it out of Kalamazoo with the company.

Ooops, don't tell yer dad I said that.



on Wed Jul 8 15:57:50 2009

holly commented:

BTW, I just heard on NPR that united is offering this guy like $2000 to settle for the broken guitar and to stop singing this song. That makes me even happier!

on Wed Jul 8 19:20:40 2009

David commented:

Wow - NPR coverage too - I can see why they're anxious to make him stop!

It's kind of a shame, because I do assume if/when he decides to take their money, pulling the videos will probably be necessary.

I would probably consider holding out for more cash, but I'm a bad person.

on Fri Jul 10 08:16:41 2009

Nikki commented:

He did issue a statement yesterday that he isn't taking the cash and there is a Part 2 forthcoming.  :)


And everybody knows sombreros rule.  Nothing says getting at an airline like Canadians in Mexican hats.

on Sat Jul 11 18:05:42 2009

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