Please don't ask how, but I recently ran across a site which reviewed natural cat litters. I read the review, and decided I would try the 'world's best cat litter' (with a name like that, why wouldn't I?). If I had looked at their website, it probably would have struck me before this evening, when I was putting it into the litter box, but the litter is made from corn. This strikes me as a seemingly bad plan - I'm pretty sure corn is supposed to be eaten, not put in your toilet (or burned as heating fuel, either). In general there's a lot of anecdotal evidence (or rumour) that regular kitty litter is bad (special bonus - note how easily the author decides that strip mining is actually a warm fuzzy thing done by unicorns). But as with all things internet-y, finding authoritative information seems to be tough.

holly commented:

Ummm, not to be gross or anything, but I'm pretty sure corn is one of those legendary foods that maintains it's shape and substance through your entire digestive tract. So, the toilet is often the place that corn ends up, although not in the same crunchy state that it may go in as kitty litter (although maybe not, as the case may be...)

on Sat Jul 10 19:50:34 2010

David commented:

And there I was being so proud that I had resisted that imagery! ;-)

on Mon Jul 12 11:47:00 2010

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