Well, Italy has done two rather exciting things recently. First, they made it to the world cup finals, where they will face France (with apologies to anyone who might support that other team). Second, they arrested an Italian spy in connection with the so-called 'extraordinary rendition' program:

A top Italian intelligence officer has been arrested in connection with the alleged CIA kidnapping of a terror suspect from a Milan street in 2003.
I went peering around, but it doesn't look like the American media can get past North Korea's missile launches (and can I just mention how dumb CNN's 'dramatic 'Nuclear Tension with Korea' banner' is?)
Nikki commented:
I'm still sad over the loss of that "other team."
on Wed Jul 5 14:03:29 2006

Nikki commented:
And I just went to the CNN page... wow... amazing! I can't WAIT to see what Jon Stewart does with his graphics, when he returns from vacation that is. Do you think they got an intern to do that?
on Wed Jul 5 14:05:43 2006

Anonymous commented:
Oh no you di-i'nt. I'm aghast! Viva Portugal! Sarah
on Wed Jul 5 17:40:29 2006

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