2007's gayest car

Good news: my car is apparently still quite gay. I quite like the image they chose - wonder if I could get it as a t-shirt?

Anonymous commented:
Ooh, can I get you a rainbow flag for your car?! Its not just gay hunny, its Fab 5 gay!
on Wed Jul 25 09:18:32 2007

Anonymous commented:
that above comment was me --Misty :O)
on Wed Jul 25 09:19:02 2007

Nikki commented:
I can't wait to tell my dad. LOL
on Wed Jul 25 14:59:51 2007

David commented:
Perhaps if he puts some pro wrestling stickers on the back, he'll make it seem less so... or not....
on Wed Jul 25 15:28:07 2007

Shelby commented:
I'm so thrilled that my car, a Mazda Miata, clocks in at #3! I think it's because it looks normal if a cute female is driving it, but any male alone HAS to be gay. HAS to. However, the female drivers don't make it 100% gay.
on Thu Jul 26 03:49:40 2007

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