oops we did it again

I may die of not surprise - seems the nuclear plant in Japan that was near the earthquake was more badly hit than first reported.

In a statement, the Tokyo Electric Power company (Tepco) said there had been a mistake calculating the radioactive level of water that leaked into the sea. It was 50% more radioactive than had been announced, the company said. "But the corrected radioactivity is also below the legal limits and does not affect the environment," Tepco said.
Because we all know low levels of radiation don't affect the environment. You can read all about it at the BBC.
Shelby commented:
Because everyone knows that as long as it's *legal*, it doesn't affect the environment.
on Thu Jul 19 00:31:41 2007

Derek (Erb) commented:
Just to add a relatively relevant example: It took the French government over 10 years to admit that gasses from the Tchernobyl explosion did not miraculously stop at the French border (near Alsace) as they had claimed constantly during the 2-year study following the accident. On the television news, and in the press, here we had these amazing maps and diagrams which showed the Tchernobyl "cloud" miraculously dissipating or disappearing just in front of the French border as it moved west... About 20 years from now we may find out the actual extent of the damage to the nuclear plant(s) in Japan...
on Fri Jul 20 06:14:02 2007

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