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Hey - does anyone have any opinion on the whole 'text on the left' versus 'text on the right' question? I was thinking about overhauling the design of my blog, and wondering if I should put the menus on the right. But I always kind of feel like I expect text to be on the right, not the left. Is that the way everyone else feels, too?

Anonymous commented:
yeah, generally. I'm used to designing newspaper pages with the assumption that readers expect things to start on the left. So, we assume people prefer their menu items/choices on the left. Who knows if it's true or not? At this point it might be like pop cinema; we expect a certain kind of pacing in movies and when we don't get it, it's suddenly an "off-beat" or "weird" film. So, are we trained to expect menus, etc., on the left or do we actually want them there. Yeah, this comment didn't accomplish much, did it?-ryan
on Wed Jul 11 12:51:33 2007

holly commented:
I like the way it is, like a page of notebook paper, logically it has a better flow. The ecklings blog is the other way, and it bugs me sometimes.
on Wed Jul 11 12:52:21 2007

Anonymous commented:
I've certainly seen more sites with the menus on the left than on the right. Off the top of my head I can only think of one where they were on the right. All the same, I prefer to have them on the right, as that seems to be where I look for links first. (Mara)
on Wed Jul 11 15:06:19 2007

Jason commented:
Give me 2 weeks or so and I can probably do some research on this as part of my new job. *laugh*
on Wed Jul 11 16:03:26 2007

David commented:
Ha! Give me two weeks and I can not do that as part of my job! Hooray!
on Wed Jul 11 17:07:01 2007

Nikki commented:
Whoa... which left are we talking here, mine or yours, someone elses?!!? Obviously, I like text on my left.
on Wed Jul 11 20:57:00 2007

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