kitten remains unhappy

Sigh. Still no happy kitten eating. She seems like she's afraid the food will make her ill again. We're trying an appetite stimulant this morning, and if that doesn't work we're going to have to feed her the hard way, which noone will enjoy. But hopefully once she has some food, she'll want more food, and at least if we're feeding her there's no dehydration involved.

Anonymous commented:
Try boiled chicken,its bland enough for her stomach, but a tasty treat for her. Sarah
on Wed Jul 11 19:15:15 2007

sasha commented:
Oddly enough, we've tried that, and she growls whenever we put it in front of her...
on Thu Jul 12 08:43:05 2007

Anonymous commented:
Poor kitty!
on Thu Jul 12 22:00:39 2007

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