squirrels. again.

I hear my name called somewhat hysterically from upstairs, and I race up to have Sasha tell me Mina has a mouse cornered behind the clothes drawers. It is, apparently, 'huge'. I have decided in my mind that we have rats, when out pops this guy onto the top of the closet door. I'm thinking to myself 'that looks like a flying squirrel' when he does a leap across the bedroom to demonstrate. He falls to the floor (good jump, bad landing) and Mina has him cornered, but she's not really sure what to do with him. He races out the door and down the hall, Mina hard on his trail, into the office, and then into my clothes closet. Onto my suits, of course. We dismantle the closet, and trap him with a trash can. Hopefully he'll stay outside, though he got in once, so probably knows some secret way in. Maybe the fear of giant crazed predators will send him packing...?

Anonymous commented:
What's with you guys and the household pests? I thought your exterminating days were over ;) Darnie
on Wed Jan 7 08:34:34 2009

Nikki commented:

Finally, a decent cat toy.

on Wed Jan 7 19:29:44 2009

David commented:

Mina had -no- idea what to do with it, but chasing it sure was fun! Sasha thinks she was intimidated by the size of the squirrel, which was certainly large enough to do some damage, I imagine. But I think the mad scrabble on the hardwood floors upstairs as she tried to follow the squirrel to the office will be with her for some time to come. And just like with the bird, her big bad people took it away.

on Thu Jan 8 12:45:20 2009

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