So it seems in addition to listening to our phone conversations, they're reading our mail:

Grant Goodman, an 81-year-old retired history professor, drew attention to the policy after a letter he received from a colleague in the Philippines was opened and resealed by Customs and Border Protection, and only then sent on to him.
I thought this might be the case, as some of our mail arriving from France has been opened and closed with tape. I've always expected it, because it was common practice in Japan. I just chalked it up to racism there. Here, I guess we call it 'the war on terror'
Nikki commented:
That would explain the delay in receiving my Comcast bills... Seriously though, this is no big shock. They are really only reporting and releasing that they are doing this to hide something even more atrocious--kinda like, look, see this over here, now don't notice what we are REALLY doing over here--like torturing detainees and releasing poisonous chemicals on our own citizens... but then, I have no proof, now do I?
on Thu Jan 26 23:52:29 2006

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