the newslady doth protest too much

In the immortal words of Lloyd Bridges, "looks like I picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue!"

Last week I put a bunch of cash into stocks, so of course this week we have to start a correction in the markets.

That said, the news people seem to be just a touch on the shrill side, given how small a correction this is: according to the BBC, the footsie, CAC and Dax are all down one percent for the day. Not exactly earth shattering. Total losses seem to be around three or four percent, which is also not a huge amount. But the headline to the story is "World stock slump hits second day". At best you might be able to call it a slouch.

Anonymous commented:
Dave, I know the feeling. Almost every time I am a 'good boy' I add money to a trading account, I know that the market is headed for a downturn. Sure enough, 401(k) contribution made for 2006 two weeks falls yesterday....just like clockwork! M. Kobylarz
on Wed Feb 28 11:07:37 2007

Jason in Egypt commented:
But hey, anything that causes/allows you to use that quote can't be all bad! *smirk*
on Wed Feb 28 13:14:03 2007

sasha commented:
Umm, it occurs to me that perhaps you need a new alias, Jason-who-is-no-longer-in-Egypt...
on Wed Feb 28 15:05:17 2007

David commented:
If you're waiting on me to get OpenID working, you're going to be 'Jason in Egypt' for a very long time. Perhaps I should just go in and edit your account.
on Wed Feb 28 15:17:18 2007

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