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Now that's what I'm talkin' about! CNN had the unmitigated audacity to fire one of their producers for his personal blog, and he is unimpressed. So he's cut loose on his former employer, and the mainstream media in general:

During my last couple of years as a television news producer, I watched the networks try to recover from a six year failure to bring truth to power ... and what's worse, to pretend that they had a backbone all along. I watched my bosses literally stand in the middle of the newsroom and ask, "What can we do to not lead with Iraq?" -- the reason being that Iraq, although an important story, wasn't always a surefire ratings draw. I was asked to complete self-evaluations which pressed me to describe the ways in which I'd "increased shareholder value." ... I watched the media in general do anything within reason to scare the hell out of the American public -- to convince people that they were about to be infected by the bird flu, poisoned by the food supply, or eaten by sharks. I marveled at our elevation of the death of Anna Nicole Smith to near-mythic status and our willingness to let the airwaves be taken hostage by every permutation of opportunistic degenerate from a crying judge to a Hollywood hanger-on with an emo haircut. I watched qualified, passionate people worked nearly to death while mindless talking heads were coddled. I listened to Lou Dobbs play the loud-mouthed fascist demagogue, Nancy Grace fake ratings-baiting indignation, and Glenn Beck essentially do nightly stand-up -- and that's not even taking into account the 24/7 Vaudeville act over at Fox News. I watched The Daily Show laugh not at our mistakes but at our intentional absurdity.
You can read the whole thing (and you should) over at Deus Ex Malcontent. (via slashdot
holly commented:
Beautiful, but unsurprising. It's why so many people say that they get their news from comedy central.
on Thu Feb 21 11:18:19 2008

Anonymous commented:
Exactly! Btw, Chez is a Firefly fan. Sorry, can't help but noticing that little fact in his bio.-ryaN
on Sun Feb 24 17:13:06 2008

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