I decided that since I had an interview coming up in the new year I would do something about my hippie looks. Sasha told me I had to put a photo up so she would know who I was when I went to pick her up at the airport. I figured since I was taking one anyway I might as well post it so you all know who I am the next time you see me. The woman who cut my hair was really cool - she took the tail off and wrapped it up so I could send it to Locks of Love, although it seems I might not meet the ten inch requirement (yes, you can insert joke here if you like). There were also lots of random hair-cutting accoutrements to make it extra swanky. Very cool. About half way through I started to think 'oh, god - what have I done?!' but by the time it was over I was pretty OK with the whole thing. I'm probably not even going to be pissy if I don't get the job this haircut was ostensibly for. Probably.

Anonymous commented:
Now I'm extra glad that I got to play with your hair the other night! Mara
on Wed Dec 21 18:08:33 2005

Anonymous commented:
you look so professional! :) Good interview Luck - sarah
on Wed Dec 21 19:08:18 2005

Anonymous commented:
Who would not hire this profesional-looking youngish man?

a university president

on Thu Dec 22 12:56:08 2005

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