Botswana's bushmen

A big story today happening in Botswana - some time ago the government moved one of the native peoples from their home in the Kalahari game reserve to camps, ostensibly for reasons of conservation (they lived in a game reserve). The bushmen sued, and today the judges rule on their case. Survival International backs their case, and one of their assertions is that the move was made because of diamonds. I've read that the bushmen have appealed to Leonardo DiCaprio (who stars in the new film Blood Diamond, which is about diamonds and politics in Africa) to promote their cause.

Nikki commented:
Interesting. Especially in light of the UN delaying the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigeneous Peoples last week...
on Thu Dec 14 23:11:55 2006

David commented:
You're right - that is interesting. I wonder if Botswana was involved in getting that delayed?

I was also interested in your news source - Indian Country Today - was that a one-time thing, or are you a regular reader? NPR does a Native American news show in the Southwest, and I remember being just fascinated by how much there was that I had never heard of before. I'm looking forward to exploring this website....

on Fri Dec 15 06:54:43 2006

Nikki commented:
Yep, I read Indian Country on a somewhat regular basis. I was turned onto it by my cousin who is also the president of the Native American Student Org at EMU.
on Fri Dec 15 08:15:02 2006

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