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Today I paid the assessment on my car. Apparently Arkansas used to have an MOT test of sorts, requiring an annual exam to see if the car was roadworthy. But under Huckabee, that was repealed, and at some point (possibly immediately - I don't know) replaced by a property tax. So each year, according to some odd schedule that must relate to some fiscal year I've never heard of, you have to pay property tax on your car, based on the make, model, year, and mileage (I guess). For reasons that escape me, the office in charge of automobiles here (the OMV, or Office of Motor Vehicles) is not the same as the office you usually transact your business at, which is called the Revenue Office (at least they're clear about that), and as it turns out neither of those is where you pay the property tax on your car. Riiiight. But I found it, so soon my car will be all nice and legal here in AR.

Shelby commented:
Missouri has a similar system. I had to pay a fee at one office, then go to an office in the courthouse to get a receipt for said fee, then to the DMV (whatever they called it, I can't remember) for my plates. Oh, and you had to go into the DMV in person every year for your stickers. It was insane.
on Thu Aug 7 00:57:16 2008

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