This story amused me the first time around:

A World of Warcraft aficionado travelling from Chicago to Canada earlier this month to hook up with fellow gamers sparked an airborne terror alert after accidently flushing his iPod down the toilet.
But now that the Register has found a first person account written by the ipod-flusher, the story amuses me even more. Pity the poor guy forced to explain online gaming, World of Warcraft, and guilds to the Feds!
Anonymous commented:
So...does that count as a data dump?
on Wed Aug 30 17:07:37 2006

David commented:
Oh, ouch! I can see why you didn't sign your name to that one!
on Wed Aug 30 19:19:12 2006

Anonymous commented:
Actually, I'm rather proud of my aweful sense of humor. I just forgot to sign it. -Andrew
on Thu Aug 31 15:55:36 2006

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