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Had some fun today - we're making a video at work of people with certain professions, and today's profession was 'rock star'. I provided the guitars, which meant my various guitars were arranged behind the person speaking as props. I took a couple photos of the setup. Overall it took, to my mind, an amazingly long time, but I was informed that it was about standard for a shoot. The only other time I've been in TV type stuff was last year's quiz bowl, which was a live event, so much faster paced.

David Hibbard commented:

When did you get all those guitars?

BTW, thanks for letting me take Jim's Banjo. I will take it up to Elderly's this weekend for a professional set-up. I am also taking the Mandolin and have the neck re-set.

Money must be spent somewhere.



on Thu Aug 27 22:04:24 2009

David commented:

I picked up those guitars over the last ten years or so. A classical in MI, a classical in France, the backpacker when I was travelling, the electric here in AR, the bass... I don't remember where that came from. I have a drum pad as well, and some day I may even make music with it.

I figured the banjo would get more use in the near term if you had it.

And as you say, money must be spent - we're spending ours on the house....

on Fri Aug 28 11:22:26 2009

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