A little equal time here, given my well-documented sympathy for the Palestinians, a fairly hard-core opinion piece which talks about the media circus and those bad settlers, using lots of sarcasm to point out all the places the media isn't. He loses a lot of points with me when he insinuates that everyone is down with the disengagement policy because they really wanted Hitler to win, but overall it's worth a read.

the rob commented:
is yonne in Germany? The building structures seem reminiscent of gothic germany...
on Thu Aug 18 02:30:56 2005

the rob commented:
oh, and I don't like what there doing to the settlers... It's their own people...
on Thu Aug 18 02:32:59 2005

David commented:
The Yonne is a 'county' in France, about two hours southeast of Paris (less if you go 95mph/150kph on the expressway). It's in Burgundy, the famous wine region. I believe the architectural elements you are referring to are the gothic ones, which can be found all over (although there are different schools depending where you are in Europe, and the French ones are closer to German than, for example, the Spanish (I wonder if Sasha's gonna smack down my architectural knowledge here)).
on Thu Aug 18 10:47:04 2005

sasha commented:
It is perhaps more accurate to say that *northern* French architecture is closer to German architecture, and certainly northeastern French architecture is. Southern French architecture is much closer to the Italian style. There is actually a general divide in European styles between the North and the South in many things, from architecture to (in the Middle Ages and Early Modern periods, at least) family structure.
on Thu Aug 18 19:32:21 2005

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