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I'm not trying to make this into an American Idol blog, I swear! I just happened to be looking for the results from last night (our guy is still in, tho I think the Kalamazoo dude went home), and I ran across this L.A. Times article all about how disco was way more than the crazy outfits that now seem to be all that are left. I'm not absolutely saying I'm ready for a Disco resurgence (though I'm sure I'll get one whether I want it or not), but I will confess that some of the crazy orchestrations were, at the very least, original, which is something we don't get that often in music.

By the way - a little debate starter - Sasha and I have had the conversation that the musical genre where the most innovation is taking place is either Hip-Hop or Country. Any thoughts on the matter?

Shelby commented:

We won't know who went home until tonight. Matt is the guy from Kalamazoo and he is my most despised contestant. I find it highly likely that he will go home this evening. Thanks to the "judge's save" there will be two people eliminated tonight, and 3 of last night's performers were clearly standing out in the crap department (including K-zoo dude). Kris actually did a wonderful performance last night.

on Wed Apr 22 15:56:09 2009

David Hibbard commented:

I don't think there is much originality in main stream country. If there are any, it is likely in the fringes of the genre. Some of the Bluegrass musicians are doing some amazing things. The Tony Rice Unit is almost more of a jazz band than bluegrass. Sam Bush and sone others have branched out form traditional bluegrass as well.




on Wed Apr 22 16:07:20 2009

David commented:

I had read a number of places that Kris did a bang-up job last night. It sounds like that other guy is really, consistently good, though, so maybe Kris won't be winning it all.

As soon as I saw you had commented, David, I thought of bluegrass - we saw some amazing young acts up in Eureka Springs, AR while we were there, and if they were indicative of what's going on right now, there's some crazy innovation happening.

I'll have to seek out those bands and give a listen!

on Wed Apr 22 17:32:36 2009

Nikki commented:

I've not watched AI in years, but I would agree with the statements about bluegrass--some phenomenal stuff happening there, and more exciting than anything going on in hip-hop right now.  It's not hip hop, but Prince (and yes, he is Prince again) has a new disc set out, and not surprising of Prince there is a lot of great innovation musically, and lyrically, within his 2 discs (the third disc is a "protege" and well, I haven't even bothered to listen yet).

Hip hop, to me, is the new disco.  It is big, flashy and originally made you feel good before it fell into something else.  I don't see it going away the way disco did, but right now, it is more flash than substance and I find myself craving the likes of Dr Dre and Eminem to reinvigorate the genre like they have before--but then, that really isn't hip hop either anymore... it's the Marshal Mathers Show. 

We'll see some real innovation when the "reality" show is created that puts pairs like Allison Kraus on stage to perform with 50 Cent.  That could be some serious wicked.

on Sat Apr 25 08:06:57 2009

David commented:
We had a conversation about crazy pairings today - we listened to the new Morcheeba (well, new to us - 2008), and apparently they lost their lead singer, so they had a pile of songs 'featuring' people, none of whom were from their genre, really. And it was fascinating (and not always in a good way) to hear the two styles (theirs, and the people singing) come together. I bet you've got a real winner on your hands with that show, Nikki - take an AI type setup, with people who can really sing, and then make it all about duets and trios. It'd be nice to hear mainstream people harmonizing again....
on Sat Apr 25 17:14:43 2009

Anonymous commented:
You really need to watch American Idol just once to see Kris. He is good. However, I think 15,000 - 18,000 people in Conway just to see him sing 2 or 3 songs is a bit much.
on Mon May 11 07:38:46 2009

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