I have heard that a German newspaper today has a black front page with the phrase "God Help Us" (gott hilf uns) on it. I'm still trying to verify.

Shelby commented:
I'll check with Kevin as he's there on business right now. Although it may be a paper devoted to a single region.
on Wed Apr 20 17:28:54 2005

Shelby commented:
Kevin reports not seeing it as of yet, but he's only seen the Hamburg paper. He plans on going out tonight with his camera in search of it.
on Wed Apr 20 17:41:55 2005

David commented:
Apparently it's "die tageszeitung". You can read the text on their web page.
on Wed Apr 20 21:24:53 2005

Kevin commented:
Here's a picture of a Wednesday roundup of pope-related German newspaper headlines. The TAZ's 'Oh mein Gott!' front page is in the center -- but my favorite, for its pure nationalistic 'We're No. #1' fervor comes from the Bild-Zeitung Hamburg (top right): 'WE ARE THE POPE!'
on Fri Apr 22 10:20:59 2005

Kevin commented:
Uh, "WE ARE POPE!", that is. (As a previous German resident and visa-holder, I wonder if I'm eligible for a partial share in the papacy.)
on Fri Apr 22 10:23:30 2005

David commented:
Oh - that's good! We Are Pope. Resistance is futile.
on Fri Apr 22 11:33:10 2005

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