There's a t-shirt which is printed to look as if you had explosives strapped to you. You can buy it at the terror t-shirt website. Why does it matter? It doesn't. But it showed up as one of the most watched stories on CNN.

I commented to a colleague over the weekend that I don't really think the democratization of news is a good thing. He commented that some were really good, like memeorandum, tailrank, and, of course, Google News. I've bookmarked them, and I'll give them some time, but other than Google's automatic news search for key phrases, which I like a lot, I haven't seen anything thus far that amazes or impresses. But I'll try them for a while.

Nikki commented:
Yes, I don't like the democratization of the news, either. And I did check out tankrail briefly--and thank you for the link--else I may not have come across this lil gem: "One of the things I've used on the Google is to pull up maps. It's very interesting to see..." Now that I can rest assured that our commander in chief does in fact have access to a map, and uses "the google" I can feel at ease when the cells in my brain implode from his mindnumbing stupidity.
on Tue Oct 24 19:23:39 2006

David commented:
Actually, I believe what he actually said was 'teh google', because he is, in fact, a technonerd in disguise. But of course the MSM didn't understand, as they have no technonerds on staff, and thus misrepresented his ironic and satirical words to appear ignorant. In fact, he may even have said 't3h g00gl3'. Damned incompetent media types!
on Wed Oct 25 13:20:17 2006

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