apropos of nothing

I wanted to be sure you heard the news as soon as I did about Britney, because I know you're all concerned. In unrelated bizarre news, it seems that belly rings can be hazardous if you are involved in an auto accident. You may now return to your previously scheduled day.

Andrew commented:
I see we were slumming in the news reporting yesterday, first britney and belly rings, then CNN. Did you make sure you took a shower afterwards?
on Wed Oct 3 09:48:36 2007

David commented:
...and burned the clothes I was wearing. Yes.
on Wed Oct 3 14:03:44 2007

Nikki commented:
Hey, I know I've been off my game for a few weeks, but I **thought** the serious news was my realm. Though, I can see it now... Michigan man in bizarre, cult-like ritual caught in naked fire dance. Sources close to the man cite Spears at the center.
on Wed Oct 3 21:36:06 2007

David commented:
I think if you ever tire of your day job, you should consider a writing position with a tabloid. That was a beautiful headline!
on Thu Oct 4 13:30:31 2007

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